Akamai Technologies, Inc. Senior Security Intelligence Response Team Engineer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Senior Security Intelligence Response Team Engineer

Fort Lauderdale, United States


Jun 07, 2018 Post Date

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The Akamai Security Intelligence Response Team (Akamai SIRT) is responsible for responding to and managing customer and platform security incidents and researching threat tactics, techniques, and procedures. You will be exposed to a myriad of web architectures protected by Akamai's application delivery and security service networks. You will identify the changing landscape of adversarial actions, tailor defenses to match them, and react to ongoing incidents. You will train other responders to enable global scalability, and tackle the hardest challenges of Internet web security. You will be exposed to new technologies and ideas and be expected to learn them quickly and then be able to teach them to others. You will find your ideas challenged and have to defend them with sound logic and evidence – and have the pleasure of working with others held to the same standards.

This individual will be responsible for quality assurance and contributing to threat intelligence services within the organization. This individual will be focused on deep packet inspection, DDoS BOTNET validation, WAF investigations, security incident SME support, security research, proactive intelligence framework monitoring and protection, and will participate in tool development within the research environment. This position will also be responsible for forensic cases as assigned, will participate in all research papers that are published by Akamai SIRT to include Threat Advisories, White Papers, and post mortem incident reports.


  • Research new trends in attack tools, techniques, and procedures; and learn how to adjust configurations to protect against them. Publish or present this research for consumption by our own security operators, by customers' security teams, and by the security community at large.

*Critical incident response efforts, including coordination, communication, resolution, and timely handoff.

*Develop research tools to support gathering and analysis of intelligence from internal and external sources. / Develop attacks against Internet infrastructure in order to inform product management and individual customers of potential risk, including by the use of ethical hacking, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and web application security testing.

*Advise product development, engineering, and professional services managers in the development of security products and configurations

About the Team

Akamai's InfoSec Team is responsible for safeguarding the security of the business, from production systems to customer product security. We engage with organizations across Akamai to provide advice, review, expertise, and support. We design and debug control systems, organize security solutions, investigate security incidents, conduct compliance audits, oversee security vulnerabilities, and build trusted relationships with our customers. We bring together diverse perspectives, combining backgrounds in engineering, mathematics, computer science, biochemistry, and linguistics to solve complex problems of Internet security. We value knowledge of all kinds and expect mutual sharing with all of our colleagues.

Monitors’ malicious cyber threats globally and analyzes these attacks using proprietary techniques and equipment. Through research, digital forensics and post-event analysis, ASIRT is able to build a global view of security threats, vulnerabilities and trends, which is shared with customers and the security community. By identifying the sources and associated attributes of individual attacks, along with best practices to identify and mitigate security threats and vulnerabilities, Akamai SIRT helps organizations make more informed, proactive decisions.

The Akamai Security Intelligence Response Team (Akamai SIRT) focuses on managing the response to customer web security and infrastructure incidents as a Tier 3 Subject Matter Expert (SME) augmentation to existing AkaTec Tiers 1 and 2, coordinating Akamai response across incidents, and researching threat tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) in order to apply the correct response to an attack. We work together to make the Internet a safer place and to advance the art of web security and software design. You can too.

Required Education and Experience

  • Minimum 8 years of experience with Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, MIS, Mathematics, another related field or its equivalent.

Required Skills

  • Minimum2 years qualifying work experience in one of the following fields: Security Operations role, Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT), or Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), web application penetration testing methods, application security, content filtering, network protocols, access control, encryption, and 2 factor authentication technologies, OSINT research and analysis techniques for threats and trends

Desired Skills

  • Must be capable of independently solving complex technical problems without direct supervision

*Must be able to communicate clearly and effectively verbally and in writing to both technical and business audiences in English

*Experience in several different web-based defensive frameworks

*Experience with Web Application Firewall rules writing, tuning, and event/log management

*Successful completion of web security challenges such as those on HackThisSite.org, OWASP’s Web Goat, or Google’s Gruyere

*Thorough hands-on understanding of web-based application attacks and defenses including the OWASP Top 10

*Must possess excellent technical aptitude and a desire to learn constantly

*Extensive exposure to security technologies, processes, and concepts such as PKI, SSL, Authentication & Authorization, PCI, Attack Proxies, Static Code Analysis

*Excellent communication skills; spoken and written

*Knowledge of working with Security Information and Event Management ( SIEM ) solutions

*Experience assessing and hardening security configurations for operating systems, applications and services

*Experience with network topologies / design: routing, switching, and MPLS

*Ability to reverse engineer malicious binaries

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